Cycle Systems develops Collaborative Management Solutions that connect networks of people to more effectively conduct business – products include ReferralCycle and MeetingCycle.
John Jackson Lending Cycle, Inc. (dba Cycle Systems) develops Collaborative Management Solutions connecting networks of people to more effectively conduct business. Our ReferralCycle product is a great example of this concept, as it allows users to connect with an unlimited number of people from their professional network for free. Plus, it can connect fellow employees in the same system to close more business faster.

The company was formed by financial executive John Jackson and training designer April Jackson to develop unique team networking concepts and business process methodologies. We have since produced highly scalable software products based on this research which are licensed and used by thousands of professionals. The company was initially funded by research grants and equity investments from business leaders in the banking and credit card industries that needed their teams to collaborate more effectively.

All of the Cycle Products (ReferralCycle, MeetingCycle, etc.) are designed to connect networks of professionals while automating business processes. The central theme of these solutions is to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to accomplish tasks by leveraging teams of people effectively. LendingCycle (our first product which is only sold by licensed partners) has been in financial institutions for years.

Cycle Systems Collaborative Management Systems
About Press Products Our Founder and CEO: John Jackson

John is the founder of Cycle Systems and the designer of the base methodologies for our Cycle Products. He has strong experience in the banking and financial sectors and was a former Executive Vice President of a bank. He has also been the CEO of a producer of 3D imaging software (Spid3r Technologies). During John’s tenure, they produced products that were distributed through Best Buy and other national outlets. Before these pursuits, John managed the diligence for mergers and acquisitions with Financial Alliance/National Processing (NPC). He has also been a senior executive at the business intelligence firm Confluent, founder of the electronics manufacturing and assembly company XBit, and has written about efficiencies in financial systems.
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